New single from Terence Jack, “Bloom,” Out today

Terence Jack and his musical accomplices have been exploring a new and expansive sound more recently as they have been working on their latest LP, Bloom, due out early 2020. Earlier this year we got to hear the first of this new chapter with the release of “Found It.” The latest single, “Bloom”, is equally as rich and bolstered by the same fresh, electronic flavors. Terence Jack had this to say about the new single:

The concept of “Bloom” was inspired by today’s sociopolitical climate – where division of any kind is at the center point of the media world. It’s about being able to converse without being offended, without taking things personally, being able to listen, and watching your own actions. The chorus, “will not label my mind” is about not having to categorize each thought, nor identify as either liberal, republican, Christian, atheist, or any other name. “Seeds planted too deep will never grow blooms” refers to one’s belief system being rooted so deeply that it can hinder one’s ability to bloom into a free thinking human.

You can hear the second single from Terence Jack’s forthcoming LP, Bloom, wherever you get your music. Bloom was crafted and 99% improvised in studio with producer Daniel Klenner.


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