Latest single from Terence Jack: “Found It”

Terence Jack and his band are back with a new sound for 2019. Their same captivating and insanely catchy energy is now wrapped in a more electronic fashion; reinvented. “Found It” was released earlier this year and is the first single off of the upcoming album titled, Bloom. TJ’s grounded voice is flushed out with lovely harmonies and instrumentals that build as the song progresses. The track reflects on TJ’s awareness that throughout the journey in life in which we are trying to find ourselves, sometimes we already have. And, acknowledging those times in which you become a “stranger” to yourself due to whatever ragged form life has put you in, that you can find the strength and wherewithal within yourself to come out on the other side.



About the track, TJ shared with me:

“‘Found It’ started with a drum loop I made on an OP1, a small portable synthesizer / sampler. I sort of belted “two strangers” as the first thing that came to mind with the loop blasting in my home studio. From there I had the verse ideas and brought them into the studio with the producer and long time friend Daniel Klenner. We built on it from there. This was one of those songs that got us up out of our chairs during the “aha” moments. I’m really pleased to have written my first positive happy song in a while. It’s harder to do for me.”

Listen to the new single and more on all your favorite streaming platforms and follow TJ on his official website. AND, if you want more, check out an interview I got to do with TJ last year before he passed through Montana.

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