Summer time vibes from Copenhagen: “24/7” by Scarlet Pleasure

Within seconds, this song totally got snagged on my ear waves. The poolside vibes feel like summer sun blasting its way through those gray spring clouds that are hanging heavy right now. “24/7” is the newest single from Copenhagen trio, Scarlet Pleasure.

Check it out:


The trio is made up of Alexander Malone (bass), Emil Goll (vocals & guitar) and
Joachim Dencker (drums). Goll had this to say about the track:
“We’ve been portraying our very own generation on several songs. Searched for the truth, why we try to escape or at least bend reality with second life social media and endless partying combined with alcohol and drugs. On ‘24/7’ we confront the ultimate drug of them all – love! – and how easily it can effect and distort your life in so many ways.”


Featured Image PC: Märta Thisner

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