New single from Blaenavon: “Catatonic Skingbag”

English independent rock three-piece, Blaenavon, is back with their first single off of their sophomore record. The single titled, “Catatonic Skinbag”, is off of Everything That Makes You Happy which is due out later this year and produced by Catherine Marks. Based out of Hampshire, UK, Blaenavon is composed of Ben Gregory (vocals), Frank Wright(bass) and Harris McMillan (drums). The quintessential indie rock single is weighted with the honesty that is not unfamiliar to those who listen to Blaenavon but this time, their sound and content is fleshed out even more. Gregory describes it as a song that is about what we all can be at times (….a catatonic skinbag…maybe you’ve never thought of yourself quite like this but it is true!) especially when it is so damn easy to just wrap yourself up in your own self doubt and succumb to your own routine when you know it is not the best place for you.  The single came out not too long after Gregory released an open letter to his fan base updating us all on the happenings of the band and his mental health. We are all glad he is doing better ❤

Gregory says:

“The song is about isolation. Cutting oneself off from the world to engage in fruitless sensual pleasures and pretending everything is ok. Watching fucking Netflix and drinking a bottle of wine when you should probably instead be in therapy. But there’s a way out. Art, friendship, love. You don’t have to be a catatonic skinbag. Lol.”



Keep your ears peeled for more from Blaenavon in the coming months and in the meantime, follow them on Spotify, Facebook and their official website.


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