Interview: Terence Jack

Terence Jack first reached out to me in 2016 with the release of “Eastern Rise.” I was instantly captivated by the his powerful voice and the commanding rhythm. Now Terence and his band will be in Bozeman, MT this Wednesday at The Eagles following their stop at the highly anticipated Philadelphia Folk Fest. The band’s tour kicked off earlier this month and Terence answered some questions for me while they were on the road. Check it out!


MFL: I first heard from you when you were releasing “Eastern Rise” as a collaboration with Daniel Klenner. How did you two come together and create “Eastern Rise?”

Terence Jack (TJ): Daniel Klenner and I played together in a band about 8 years prior to us working on Eastern Rise, the band auditioned him as a drummer and it was a great fit. I’ve always like his musical choices. When I was checking out studios and meeting with different producers, I got the feeling that Dan’s studio was the right space to create the album. Eastern Rise was pretty well developed before going into the studio, we ended up producing a dirtier sound than I had in my demos.  



MFL: Has Daniel become part of the band or did you only collaborate on a couple singles from your Never Get Back EP from 2016? Additionally, tell me who else is in Terence Jack and how they contribute to your sound!

TJ: Daniel isn’t part of the band, he doesn’t tour much as he has a couple kids at home. I’m actually working on the next album with him at the moment, which will be released early next year. The current band is Cameron Stephans on drums, Thomas Hoeller on guitar, Adam Willey on bass and Keegan Schuh on keys. Everyone sings harmonies except for Keegan.


MFL: When did music become part of your life and how have you allowed it to continue to be part of your life?

TJ: I first played guitar at around 10 or 11 years old because I had to choose an instrument for band class. My mom had a guitar sitting around the house and I was hooked right away. Never have put it down. I was immediately into creating sounds, and songs. That’s been and continues to be my true love in music.


MFL: What was the inspiration behind your Never Get Back EP and was there a concept or common thread between all of the songs?

TJ: The inspiration behind Never Get Back is a message, or some form of reminder, to not let the material world weigh you down and think for yourself. To not save your whole life to die before you can live. The album is a thread of stories and themes that I’ve experienced. Stories about people, places and things that have affected me. I feel the album was sort of vague and indirect which has always sort of been my style, however I’m experimenting with that.


MFL: Tell me about your experiences touring. What are some of your favorite destinations/highlights and why?

TJ: We’ve toured fairly extensively, especially around Canada. Some highlights would be our first cross Canada tour in 2016, east to west coast. The Maritimes are always a favourite as well as playing Haida Gwaii, off British Columbia’s coast; it’s an incredible place that feels like you’re going back in time, there’s an energy buzzing out there that’s pretty magnificent. This year we have some exciting stuff on the horizon including Newfoundland and 2 USA tours.


MFL: Name a few musicians from the past or present that either inspire you personally or inspire your sound.

TJ: I’m always listening to new music and drawing on anything and everything. A few current favourites are Justin Vernon, as I respect how he’s pushing boundaries with new sounds, and Daniel Auerbach, his new album is really great. As a band, we listen to a lot of different music from Jazz to Indie to R&B and Hip Hop. Always listening and learning.


MFL: Since the release of Never Get Back, what have you been working on and when will we get to hear it?!

TJ: We’ve just started recording the new full length album, to be released early 2019. We’re really psyched for it and have been sitting on songs for 2 years so we’re ready for it!!


MFL: What destinations are you looking forward to playing most on the upcoming tour and why is Bozeman on the map for you?

TJ: Philadelphia Folk Fest is something that we’re honoured to be a part of, this will be our first time playing on the east coast of USA. I love Bozeman and came here a few years ago for the first time. We’re excited to play every date on tour because it’s our first time on a tour in USA.

MFL: Tour questions.

  1. What do you guys do to pass the time on the road?

TJ: We listen to a lot of music and podcasts, we chat and solve the world’s problems and, when we need our own time, we just put the headphones on and tune out.


  1. What is playing while you’re driving more often than not?

TJ: There really isn’t a constant it just matters who’s DJing at the time. Lately I suppose Anderson Paak has been on a lot.


Don’t forget to check out their show WEDNESDAY August 22nd at The Eagles in Downtown Bozeman!


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