New music from Duke Bluebeard

Duke Bluebeard, the stage name for Adam Lukacs, delivers two short and sweet tracks wrapped in a package titled, 4:20. The two tracks together add up to be exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds, each one exactly 2 minutes and 10 seconds. The tracks are composed of simple lyrics revolving around loneliness, perhaps post-relationship?

“On My Own”

I was sleeping all alone

Now I’m waking up on my own

So now I’m working this out on my own

I’m on my own

This is left up to the listener to decide as the tracks are over so quickly, there isn’t time to dig too deep. I love this aspect because he allows the listener to own the songs meaning. You’re not force fed a six minute tragedy that’s boring and obvious (though that has it’s place and time!). Despite their short-lived nature, there is time for all those essential bits of a song: a quiet start, slow build and a gentle, smoldering finish. The vocals lovingly remind me of a favorite artist of mine, Amen Dunes. The tracks on 4:20 are titled “Waiting” and “On My Own” and are available on Spotify and many other streaming platforms.


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