News from Howlie: “Golden Hour”

Remember Evan White, the man behind Howlie? MFL interviewed him some time ago and he’s at it again! At the beginning of October he released a new track which is in all truths, three tracks that together are “Golden Hour.” About the track, Howlie says:

“This song is pretty cool. I had three fragments that I had written, from 2015, 2016, and this year. I loved each mini-song that I had written, but for the life of me couldn’t add anything else to them that was as strong as what I had already. I shelved them and stopped worrying about it (there’s a lot of pieces I do this with). In July, Already Dead and I had been chatting, and they invited me to release a new recording for the compilation. After writing a few duds, I looked to my back-catalog and remembered some of these pieces. I strung them together in the order that they were written, and they were magically in different keys that complimented each other and seemed to fit quite well. I looked at it like it was a stream-of-consciousness song. My mind is constantly racing and remembering all things melancholy of my past. I feel that “Golden Hour” conveys the way my brain remembers things very well, abrupt shifts and all.”

Check it out:


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