Interview: London three-piece, KYLYPSO

At first listen, KYLYPSO’s newest track, “Skies Are”, had me in its synth-rich grasp. Before I go further, check it out:

I had to get to the bottom of it all so I asked the guys some questions about their sound, London’s sound and what more they’ve got coming our way . Check it out:

MFL: Who makes up KYLYPSO, what are your roles in the band (both musical and otherwise) and how did you all come together?


Rudi + Tom + Hugh = Kylypso 

Rudi plays guitar and Ableton, Tom plays bass and keys, Hugh plays keys and Ableton. We are a combination of session players and producers. The writing side of things is very much a three part collaborative effort. We all came together because Tom once needed an organ player….Rudi joined his band for a few gigs and struck up a friendship based on mutual love for compressors and beer…..Hugh once mixed a track in the early days of Kylypso and ended up getting so involved in the song that we brought him in on the writing process – he seamlessly integrated from there really.

MFL: What musical acts out there do you think you sound like? Are there any you are trying to channel in particular?

K: We often say we sound like the baby of Caribou and Tame Impala. Recently we are venturing towards more groove based – almost 70s pop sounds…..bands like Parcels. We really dig Jadu Heart – we love their luxurious aesthetics.

MFL: How does London inspire your sound?

K: Directly, we sometimes try to get in some phone recordings from around London into the production of songs. It can really intensely colour a section of music with a certain atmosphere. Otherwise London always has something happening –  it’s relatively easy to keep in the loop on new bands popping up. 

MFL: If I were to travel to London to take a bite out of the local music scene, what are three local acts I could NOT miss?

K: Flyte have been a great live band…if you are about when they have a show – I challenge you to be disappointed. 

MFL: What is your take on the trajectory that music release is taking? Are you happy to kiss CDs goodbye? I still love a good mix CD.

K [Rudi]: I subscribe to the “Music like water” model….if you see the streaming services like tapwater…then music in other, more exclusive comprehensive forms will cost more – bottled water being a deluxe album to download, special magic mountain water costing lots, maybe could be equivalent to a vinyl. 

We are basing our releases around Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and making cassette tapes.

MFL: When you listen to a song, what is it that hooks you? Lyrics, chorus, melody, instrumentation for example.

K [Rudi]: I think it could be any of these – we each have particular elements we are drawn to personally/creatively. Sometimes on first listen a track may not appeal, then a mate will say – hey have you noticed this, and completely change the angle you see and hear it from. 

MFL: When/if you play live, are you experimenting with other songs besides the three you have released thus far?

K: Yes, we have added quite a few new songs to the set….we are experimenting with different ways to play the songs live, too. We like to approach the live side of things with a bit of experimentation and exploration – not always just play the song back as the recording. 

MFL: Do you fellows have any goals for KYLYPSO before 2017 comes to a close? 

K: Yes, we have an EP to release, a lot of recordings to finish and hopefully some gigs to play. Big plans, big sounds…onwards! Oh & we are throwing an Art Casual party on the 13th of October at Carmelite Cafe in Bow.

Big thank you to the fellows of KYLYPSO for taking the time out of writing music etc to answer my questions. If you’re in London, don’t forget to stop by Carmelite Cafe in Bow on October 13th!

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