New track from Protomartyr: “A Private Understanding”

Protomartyr always surprises me. Their sound is unexpected and unique, their rhythms and melodies are dissonant but harmonious. Despite lead singer, Joe Casey’s, almost lackadaisical vocals at times, he sings with unmistakable passion. The lyrics are thought-provoking and raw, matching the jagged instrumentals. With three albums under their belts, the guys (Joe Casey – Vocals, Greg Ahee – Guitar, Alex Leonard – Drums, and Scott Davidson – bass) are set to release their 4th full length, Relatives in Descent, on September 29th of this year. The record hones in on truth and our unfortunate familiarity with the fact that truth isn’t always truth. In Joe Casey’s words:

“I used to think that truth was something that existed, that there were certain shared truths, like beauty. Now that’s being eroded. People have never been more skeptical, and there’s no shared reality. Maybe there never was.”

The first release, “A Private Understanding”, sets the tone for the album. It begins quietly and builds unexpectedly:



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