Interview: German duo, Odd Couple

German rock duo, Odd Couple is set to release their latest record, Flügge, on April 21st. Tammo Dehn and Jascha Kref met back in Berlin as children and over the years have mastered the technique of creating high energy rock that is true to the spirit of their friendship with each other and with music. I asked Tammo some questions about the adventures of the Odd Couple! Check it out:

MFL: I love that you two have known each other since kindergarten. How about sharing a couple entertaining memories from your childhood together?

 Well I remember that Jascha had this huge Dragon from Playmobil, that we played in a Band together that was called “Die Spitzmäuse” and that I had a period where I liked to wear girls’ dresses. These are the first memories that come to my Head.


MFL: At what point in your friendship was Odd Couple born?

 Odd Couple had a lot of names and was always just a Jam project when we were still living in Ostfriesland. I think the project became reality when I moved from Hamburg to Berlin, a half year after Jascha moved there. We started as Odd Couple in 2011 but we really started to work on it in 2014.



MFL: What was your favorite album of 2016 and why? Feel free to answer separately or together.

 Klaus Johann Grobe – Spagat der Liebe

The Drones – Feelin Kinda Free

Fai Baba – Sad and Horny

Oracles – Bedroom Eyes


MFL: What are your live shows like? I imagine they’re fairly…energetic!

 Well I think People have to decide this for themselves. But we are trying to create something more raw, where people get pushed from song to song by combining tracks with each other. Since last year we have a third member in our live-shows. Dennis Schulze from Cult Hands. He plays the Bass, Synth and Organ parts live and also played some snyths on Flügge. He definitely added a lot to our live-sound.


MFL: What’s left to do before official release of your new record, Flügge?

 Going on with writing Songs and exploring Sound.


MFL: What was the driving force/inspiration for the new record and how does it differ from your previous release, It’s a Pressure to Meet You?

 Well at first we wanted to make a new record 😉 – Flügge we did completely by ourselves and Pressure was recorded with Frank Pop. We weren’t able  to experiment so much with sounds when we did Pressure because we didn’t know yet how that stuff works. But that’s exactly what we wanted. We wanted to work on a record where we can experiment with stuff and just do things freely in the studio. We recorded everything by ourselves and that was the best decision we made. At that time, we were sharing a Studio with « Oracles » and « Suns of Thyme ». Unfortunately, we had to move out but at that time it was perfect for us. We recorded, mixed and wrote most of the album in 1.5 months and then I headed off to France with my love. Berlin didn’t influence this record in the same way like it did on our first record. But your surrounding always influences what you do and it doesn’t matter if it’s Berlin or a 500 people village. Most of the lyrics have something to do with our personal social surrounding which we wouldn’t have if we wouldn’t live in Berlin. Vegans, lazy students, hedonists, arty people, homeless People, real artists, fake artists, and and and. But in the end this record is more of a self-study than a social-study unlike our first one. “Flügge” means leaving the nest or ready to fly and we choose this title cause it`s a state we thought or still think a lot about. These years in which you start to be independent. I mean really independent. Just because you managed to fly to Asia on your own doesn`t make you an independent person. You come back home, your mother helps you out with some money and you have to realize that you are actually really dependent. I see this a lot around me.



MFL: What kind of music do you listen to on your own time? Name a few artists/songs/albums if you like.

 We both have a pretty similar background when it comes to music taste but with the time we went also into different directions. We come from Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss and in general a lot of Stoner. Jascha started to listen a lot to stuff like Bowie, Beatles or Flaming Lips and I went into stuff like Jesus Lizard, Earth or Nick Cave as well as psych and hip hop. In general, we both opened up to good pop song writing with the time.


MFL: Why do you call yourselves Odd Couple?

 Maybe because we were growing up with each other in the same town, moved to Berlin together, live together, have the same friends, and and and. So that would be the “Couple-part”. Odd? Well our characters are pretty different. But apart from that we also just like combine styles of music together, that on the first look, don`t fit so much. Which makes some songs and the album an “Odd Couple.”


 MFL: Finally, any major goals for 2017?

 We want to build up a solid Studio for recording and just making music with our live-bass and synth player « Cult Hands » to be able to drop a lot of material and explore different styles of writing. We will record another album this year and release a split with the great Klaus Johann Grobe.  Also plan to play a lot of festivals this summer.


Big thanks to the fellows of Odd Couple for finding time to answer my questions and Chris Sharpe of Lost in the Manor for connecting us. Be sure to follow Odd Couple on Facebook and check their website for tour dates etc!


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