Nashville singer-songwriter, Leah Nobel, delivers first single off her Running in Borrowed Shoes project: “Christmas in My Mind”

Singer-songwriter, Leah Nobel who is based out of Nashville, took on a large endeavor for her new record. The project is called, Running in Borrowed Shoes. For this project, Leah interviewed 100 strangers about their lives, how it felt to be human, when and how they feel “fear, loss, joy and success.” Leah traveled around with a simple sign that read:

Come talk to me!

I am interviewing people on topics of joy, loss, fear, vulnerability etc. AKA, how does it feel to be human?

Not only did she interview people near her geographically, she also utilized social media to reach out to people across the world. From these interviews, she pulled the common threads from the lives of these strangers, who really aren’t that strange, because they are humans, too, and created textures, themes and concepts for the tracks on her new record. About the record and the concept behind it Leah said:

“What I love most about writing songs is not just the act of expressing myself. What I love most is when someone tells me that they too, relate to what I’ve written. I love the community that songs create. They make us all feel a little less alone”.

Check out the promo video:


The first single off the record is titled, “Christmas In My Mind.”



To keep up with Leah Nobel and her ongoing project, check out her Facebook page and official website.


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