Upbeat debut record from Nottingham band, For the Girl: “Shark Attack”

For the Girl is a group of five talented fellows with an incredible amount of musical energy to offer. The quintet is from Nottingham and on July 8th they releasd their debut EP, Shark Attack. The band is composed of frontman (Sam Plenty), rhythm guitarist (Josh King), lead guitarist (Isaac Hallas) bassist/ synth player (James Wells) and drummer/percussionist (Nathan ‘Foxy’ Fox). The band has been busy touring, including playing shows with Young Kato.

Shark Attack is a conglomeration of five high energy tracks, each featuring a unique but ridiculously catchy chorus and full-on infectious guitar riffs. Each track represents a mix of various genres from pop to alternative rock with a hint of punk and even funk now and then. The EP is a fantastic representation of what these guys have to offer as musicians and I look forward to what the future holds for them!

Check out the single, “Where Did Time Go?” from Shark Attack: 

You can purchase the EP on iTunes now! 

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