Salio of Republic of Georgia to release debut EP July 1st: “Lost World”

Salio was discovered by producer, Quint Davis, at the Black Sea Festival. Shortly after, he delivered a well-earned invitation to Salio to perform at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival where she introduced herself to an entirely new set of adoring fans. Her single, “Wayside” and the accompanying music video have received a great deal of attention and her debut EP, Lost World, is due out July 1st. About “Wayside” Salio says:

“This song is about some of the problems we face as humans in this world today.  I think that if you show some kindness where little or none exists, you have the power to change people’s lives and then they, in turn, have the power to help other people too.”


The EP captures an incredible amount of diversity that can’t be fathomed by simply listening to her single, “Wayside.” Salio’s voice can shape shift. In one song it holds the power, command and classic quality of Amy Winehouse, in another the potency of Adele. Each track holds it’s own. Salio offers a taste of pop, soul, and R&B, each genre blended in a way unique to her own style.

July 1st, enjoy Salio’s debut EP, Lost World,  in its entirety.

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