Debut single from 80’s new wavers, Vacances: “Runaway”

Buckle up for an 80’s channeled, synth heavy, drum pumping, guitar-driven ride to the dance floor.

In three short minutes, up and coming 80’s new wave band based out of Brooklyn, Vacances, picks you up, shakes you around, forces you to dance and then spits you out. It’s a seriously satisfying feeling. The track has everything you crave from the 80’s, pumping percussion, a steady stream of synths and ridiculously catchy melodies that make you want to put your hair in a high pony tail and whip it around in addition to a fresh take on current pop-rock.

Vacances is an amalgamation of musicians from other musical projects: Danny (Vocals, previously of The Frail), Nic (guitar, previously of Restless Hearts), Dan (Bass), and Allen( additional instruments, previously of Every Move A Picture). Check back later for tour dates because as the end of June approaches, the boys will be hittin’ the dusty trail!

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