The soundtrack for your summer: “Sleeping Sideways EP” from Someday River

If you’re ready for the clouds to part, a break in the spring rain and summer sunshine to spill into your life, Someday River’s Sleeping Sideways EP is the soundtrack for you. The band takes their interpretation of indie pysch rock and infuses it with the ocean tides and sunshine of their hometown, Orlando, FL. This truly uplifting EP echos the pushing and pulling of the tides, the sound of an ocean breeze and that feeling you get when your eyes are closed and the summer sun warms you in a way the sunlight of other seasons cannot.

Sleeping Sidways is a full EP bursting with beachy vibes while simultaneously offering a sense of calm. The way “Day Changer” builds is enough to give the track life and a bit of substance but it’s not overwhelming. This sense of breath and subtlety holds throughout the EP. The five tracks share these common themes but are still distinct from one another. The two singles released “Sleeping Sideways” and “Day Changer” are both excellent representations of the kind of sound that encapsulates Someday River. However, you’ll be short changing yourself if you don’t give the rest of the EP a listen. There are some beautiful moments of simplicity on this record but also bits of complexity. My personal favorite track on the EP for this reason is “Window.” You never truly figure it out because it changes in volume and energy multiple times while also changing rhythmically constantly, just like the weather patterns of the ocean near the band’s locale.

This brilliantly bright and beach-worthy EP is available now on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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