Healing pop from Canadian singer/songwriter, Fog Lake: “rattlesnake”

Aaron Powell is the singer/songwriter behind the musical project Fog Lake that encapsulates music in a genre he calls “healing pop.” Powell is originally from St.John’s in Newfoundland and has been creating music since his first release, interference iii, in 2011. This fall, Fog Lake will be sharing his newest record with Orchid Tapes since the release of Victoria Park in June of 2015. In anticipation of this new record, he has shared with us the single, “rattlesnake”, which also includes “strung back around.” According to Powell, he wrote “rattlesnake” in the basement of his new house and many of the tracks on his upcoming record address the bad habits we rely on to deal with life: alcohol, drugs, and even expectations. “rattlesnake” is a gorgeous lo-fi gem that demands multiple listens to fully appreciate its beauty. There is something lonely about this song. You can hear the emptiness of the basement that was the writing space for the track. Despite the loneliness within “rattlesnake”, there is comfort; comfort that we all push through life in our own ways. We are not alone in that.


Stay tuned for more from Fog Lake and keep up with his new and previous releases via Facebook and Bandcamp.

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