Live video from LA-originals, Niantic: “You’re Welcome”

Niantic is an alternative indie rock group composed of four fellas who were born and raised in LA. Michael Castro (bass, keyboard, guitar, vocals), Chris McCartt (drums, vocals), Alex Stensel (lead guitar, bass, vocals) and Ryan Trask (vocals, guitar, bassall grew up in the midst of the wild world that is LA and within that wild world, they found peace in music. Niantic prides themselves on their live performances, creating a musical space for both themselves and their fans to get lost in.

They recently gave some students on the North Hollywood campus of the Arts Institute of California the opportunity to be part of a live experience. The video was filmed by the students and produced by a friend of the band, Ben Huff. The video captures all of the intricacies of recording and playing live, all the nuts, bolts and moving parts while giving the viewer a semi-live experience.


Niantic’s latest EP, Vertical, came out March of 2015 and can be purchased on Bandcamp and iTunes. AND they’ll be playing at the LA Bike Fest May 8th.

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