Gorgeous video from Nick Valentini Collective: “Carousel”

Bridging the gap between science and love, the cells of our body and the stitching in our hearts and souls, the video for “Carousel” captures the burden we lay upon ourselves or that life may come to lay upon us. Regardless of source, the burden can be too much at times. This is depicted through dance, explosive colors and shapes and the beautiful lyricism and melody of Nick Valentini Collective.


The collective is composed of Nick Valentini (singer, keyboard), Erik Shibowski (bass), Hugo Shibowski (tenor sax), Nate Schwartz (guitar), Nicolo Scolieri (flute), Nick Velez (drums), Gabriel Wheaton (string orchestration) and Tyler Wennstrom (keyboard/percussion). The group is based out Southern California and is aiming to release a debut record this summer.

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