Fantastically creative work from electronic musician, Benjamin Muñoz

Electronic music has been a passion of Benjamin Muñoz’s since high school, beginning as a “quiet fixation” but before he knew it, it pushed itself out of him, an overwhelmingly beautiful obsession. Through the owner of a local record store, Muñoz discovered heaps of electronic and dance records that had never seen the light of day at Dr. Disc, the local record store in Hamilton, Ontario. With this discovery of untouched electronic diamonds, Muñoz was introduced to drum and bass, dubstep, jungle, house and garage. These discoveries in addition to a growing passion for Japanese art and music that began with his interest in anime as a child, he began creating music of his own.

Muñoz’s first track, “Anchors”, was inspired by Japanese animes Samurai Champloo and TekkonKinkreet. According to Muñoz, he wanted to convey visuals from the anime like the smooth, controlled slicing of a Samurai sword, in his music. “Anchors” is a glittering piece of work, dense with complexity, a track which requires multiple listens to fully appreciate the creative work that went into it. Check it out:

A couple of weeks ago, Muñoz released a second track, equally as beautiful, titled “The Bonds That Fail Us.” The tension, pushing and pulling, and passion is clear in this track. It melts easily into and out of your ears, the creaking of a floor underlying distorted piano.


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