New record out now from existential poppers, Delta Will

Delta Will is an existential pop group out of Toronto who makes music the way they want to make it. So many genres are blended in their truly unique musical offering: 80’s synth pop, electro, indie rock, experimental, psychedelia. I hear the likes of M83, Antony and the Johnsons, Alt-J, Depeche Mode, Joy Division and sounds from bands that have yet to exist, sounds that are completely unique to Delta Will, as they are their own.

The Toronto group is composed of Brandon Johns (keys, synth, bass), Charles Tilden (vox, guitars, samples, drum machine), Milan Schramek (bass, guitar, vox) and Lowell Whitty (drums). Delta Will began as a solo bedroom project with Charles Tilden releasing the initial EP (Transcendental Visits) in 2012 and then a followup EP (It All Glows) in 2013 in collaboration with Lowell Whitty on drums. Now the group now a foursome, released a full length titled, Weathering, on March 18th.

Weathering is a record based on exploration of consciousness, the state between dreaming and awake. According to the band, they want their music to induce an “out-of-body experience, as though we are floating around, calmly observing the world.”

Enjoy the view now. Weathering is available on Bandcamp and iTunes.


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