Takin’ it back to the VHS days with a song by For Esmé: “Make a Sound”

Remember the days of VHS tapes? Recording your favorite shows on a big clunky tape? Digging through old VHS tapes to find one with unimportant recordings on it that you can tape over? Getting in trouble with Dad for recording over his Star Trek collection? These memories were shaken to the surface for me after diving back into the 1980’s with retro synth pop group, For Esmé.

They’ve recently released a music video for their track, “Make a Sound.” The goal was to channel the vibes of live performances by Blondie or Depeche Mode on late night television. I think they nailed it. The video is equipped with awkward and over the top advertisements, delightful synths and those horizontal tracking stripes you could never avoid when recording onto VHS tapes. It’s the real experience.


You can find their most recent release, Sugar, on iTunes and Bandcamp now!

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