Album Review: ‘Love is a Fridge’ by Me and My Drummer

Me and My Drummer is the work of German duo, Charlotte Brandi and Matze Pröllochs. The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey was their bold entrance into the music scene in 2012, earning them a reputation for creating shimmering electronic and ethereal sounds. Now they have released their latest masterpiece, Love is a Fridge. The record was put together thoughtfully and carefully, from lyricism and instrumentals to production. The record was produced by Olaf Opal (The Notwist). Together, the team created an album that is both sensitive and powerful, introspective and explosive, abstract and concrete.

The record opens with the subtle but dramatic beauty, “Lancelot.” It was this track that sold me on the entire album. It is a pure and gorgeous introduction to the sonic journey that is Love is a Fridge. The following track couldn’t be any different than “Lancelot.” “Gun” is an upbeat, twinkling pop track that opens up as the song progresses until it becomes a ballad with lyrics that every woman has thought at some point:

 All the women that are wondering what you’re up to tonight, let me tell them that you’re just not worth the fight.

I love that line.

Me and My Drummer really explores the electronic soundscape, utilizing interesting sounds, harmonies and rhythms on Love is a Fridge. Tracks like “Easy on Me” and “Tie Me Bananas” showcase the curiously attractive knack the duo has for this exploration as does the tribal and galvanizing, “Prague I & II.”


The latter half of the record comes in stark contrast to the first half which is rich in electronic, asymmetric cadences. This second chapter of Love is a Fridge begins with the undeniably gorgeous, haunting, and pungent piece, “Blue Splinter View.” It errs more on the side of folk and Americana, Brandi’s voice soaring higher than ever.

My boy please take care, kittens like you always land on their feet.



It almost sounds like a different record but this is something I adore about Love is a Fridge: the unambiguously diverse quality. Within this diversity remains the shimmering quality of Me and My Drummer, so, despite “Blue Splinter View”, “Nuts” and “Grown Up Shape” having more moments of folk-inspired sound, you can still tell they belong to Me and My Drummer.

Love is a Fridge is out now on Sinnbus. Purchase it on iTunes and Bandcamp.



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