A fuzzy track from Camp Howard to you: “Veins” from their debut record – OUT NOW!

Camp Howard sounds like the name of a summer camp and if this summer camp is anything like the fuzzy pop-rock the band Camp Howard produces, I’m in. For the whole summer. Camp Howard is a Richmond, VA-based quartet composed of longtime friends and musical companions Nic Perea, Wes Parker, Matthew Benson, and Brian Larson.

Over time, the band built a large fan base in Richmond due to their energetic live shows and they’ve now released their debut self-titled record. You can find it in its entirety on Bandcamp now! Camp Howard is a bit of everything. As a record, it takes the listener on a sonic journey through beach rock, fuzz, a hint of dream-pop and some good old fashion indie rock. It’s a fantastically diverse album and a brilliant entrance into the music scene. Check out the single, “Veins”:


Camp Howard was done in collaboration with local record labels Crystal Pistol, Citrus City Records and Bad Grrrl Records.

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