Endearing single and video from Don’t Chase Felix: “Holiday”

Don’t Chase Felix is the new project of folk singer-songwriter, Justin Khoury. In the past, Khoury was part of the folk-rock band based out of Richmand, VA, The Northerners. After a few years of that musical endeavor, Khoury decided to blaze an adventurous trail of his own. The title of this new project, Don’t Chase Felix, all comes from the latin word “felix”, for happiness. The premise of Don’t Chase Felix is the idea that in order to find happiness, you don’t have to chase the “American dream” and you don’t have to utilize them template for life that is so ingrained in us from the start.

The project kicks off with the single, “Holiday”, which comes packaged within an endearing and fun stop motion video filmed in Khoury’s very own homeland, Virginia. The journey of Don’t Chase Felix began in Red Amp Studios in Richmon, VA and includes the recording of three, unique tracks that don’t necessarily adhere to any particular genre. This follows exactly with the idea behind Don’t Chase Felix. The first of those tracks is “Holiday” which features Caroline Mauck of Colin and Caroline. Enjoy:

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