Poignant single and accompanying video from Melbourne artist, Vinten

Vinten has graced our ears with simple, supple, sensitive songs. His latest EP, What Has Been, is a gorgeous debut for Vinten. Within the EP are six tracks, each unique, intimate and beautiful in their own way. There is one standalone track on the EP, however and it happens to be Vinten’s latest single. “Creep” isn’t a celebration of love, a song of sadness or a ballad of loss. The EP’s closing track, “Creep”, is a haunting and resonant single that inhabits your heart, mind and spine in the most magnificent way.

With the track comes a visual presentation that frame by frame matches the song note by note: insects crawl and creep, red-tinted waters rush, birds float and fly. The images and videos are distorted, broken and bent adding lush imagery to the dark vocals and brooding instrumentals.


You can find Vinten’s latest EP, What Has Been, on Bandcamp now. He is currently working up a new EP.

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