Gorgeous single and video from Mutual Benefit

Mutual Benefit is the musical alias of Brooklyn-based artist, Jordan Lee. His subtly powerful music is touching and warm but also instills a sense of vulnerability in the listener. His latest album, Skip a Sinking Stone, will be out on Mom+Pop this May 20th. This new record comes  after the 2013 release of Mutual Benefit’s debut full length, Love’s Crushing Diamond. The new record is in two parts, the crease of the record obvious and audible. The first half is full of hope and excitement, bursting with love and friendship. In the second half, these feelings, ideals and experiences deteriorate. About the record Lee says:

“I kept coming back to how nice that was, throwing these stones against the water. I thought it was a fitting metaphor for the endeavors I have in my life—sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t. I think it’s a good exercise in accepting impermanence and failure and these things that are constant, and yet the activity of skipping stones is really relaxing and beautiful.”

“Not For Nothing” is the debut single off of Skip a Sinking Stone. It features exquisitely simple animation that conveys a lifetime of emotion:

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