Some tasty garage rock from Womb: “Everything is Gonna Be Alright”

Dreadlocks for days (with mouse traps attached at one point, mind you), recording sessions, major tour van clean up, middle fingers and snippets of some wild live shows smashed together perfectly with Womb’s garage rock track, “Everything is Gonna Be Alright.” The track is about dealing with social anxiety in whatever way you deem necessary and the video is a smattering of clips the band has collected over the years on their adventures of being Womb.

How do you win the fight when you battle yourself?

Don’t wanna burn out before I light up. 



With gritty vocals, wild drums, grinding guitars and attitudes to match, Womb is the quintessential garage rock band. After releasing their debut EP in 2013, the Toronto-based band toured Southern Ontario, Quebec and The Golden Horseshoe.

“Everything is Gonna Be Alright” is off of their new upcoming album titled, Situation Normal, All Fucked Up which will be out later this year.

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