Delicious tracks from Montreal’s Matthew Chaim: “Vanilla Ways” and “Untitled”

Matthew Chaim is a somewhat mysterious up and coming electronic R&B musician based out of Montreal. There is little other evidence strewn about the internet about Matthew Chaim besides images of vanilla ice cream cones and his latest tracks, “Vanilla Ways” and “Untitled”, which have received a great deal of attention in the music blogosphere.

According to Chaim, he wrote “Vanilla Ways” in under an hour. His preferred style of writing is quick, organic and effortless. The track represents for him personally, his foot-dragging effort to avoid going the “vanilla way.” Forget working towards a financially sound career. Forget searching for a career you love. Spend your time discovering yourself. This is not the “vanilla way.”


His latest release is “Untitled”, a track about writing songs which at some point are themselves, “untitled.” Chaim says his ability to push himself to grow as a musician and person over the last year has shaped the way he writes his music. We can only hope for more from Matthew Chaim! Like “Vanilla Ways”, “Untitled” was a collaboration with Noah Barer and Cavework and was created under the label, JUSPO. Check out, “Untitled” now:

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