New track from Kenton Slash Demon: “Dok”

  • It’s about time KSD tickled our ears with something new. Just last year they released the critically acclaimed 12″ Harpe/Syko. This March 11th, the Danish duo will be sharing another 12″ EP titled TT/Dok. In order to wet our appetite, they’ve shared with us “Dok”, the final cut on the EP.

This glistening 6 minute sonic experience goes well with a decent pair of headphones as Silas Moldenhawer and Jonas Kenton don’t mess around when creating music. Every moment is bright and energetic but not over the top. Your body can’t decide if it wants to get up and dance or just lay with eyes closed, feet and head bobbing hypnotically in time.



KSD will be touring in 2016 to spread the word about TT/Dok after touring to support Flume (don’t get your hopes up as the shows with Flume are sold out). BUT, you can catch them March 23rd at the Culture Box in Copenhagen. Tickets here soon.

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