New EP from twin sisters, The Frisbys

Coming out this Friday, January 29th is the newest EP, The Cause, from the band fronted by twin sisters, Helen and Nicola Frisby. Helen and Nicola have been playing music together since the moment they learned they could. The Frisbys full band includes Marc Robinson (piano, guitar), Sam Keer (acoustic/electric/slide guitar), Will Cattermole (bass) and Tom Finigan (drums).

The Cause is comprised of six warm tracks as sweet as honey. The opening cut, “Give Into the Dark” is the perfect example of how warm and sweet their music is. It’s a gentle lullaby mixed with melancholic strings and the girls’ incredible harmonies. Absolutely lovely.

The following track, “Born And Raised” packs a bit more of a punch. The gals describe it as “a countrified of ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC.” See for yourself:


“The Waves” is a lovely piano ballad, showcasing The Frisbys’ diversity in songwriting and the closing title track wraps the EP up perfectly. “The Cause” summarizes the band’s ability to create something bigger, more different and truly unique with every track. It begins like a whisper but gains power, momentum and force finding itself among thumping drums and driving piano rhythms. Altogether, The Cause is a gorgeous set of individual pieces that are thoughtfully tied together with gorgeous harmonies, stunning instrumentals and the girls’ obvious passion for music.

You can enjoy the EP in its entirety January 29th when it comes out on Dantobaccus Records.

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