Mysterious album trailer for Kevin Morby’s newest record, “Singing Saw”

Kevin Morby joined the incredible roster of the Dead Oceans (which includes Strand of Oaks, Marlon Williams, Phosphorescent and others) label for his third full length, Singing Saw.  Fascinatingly, the record was grown from the most organic of origins, a deserted piano left behind by the previous owners of Morby’s current home in LA. Along with the piano was left some old sheet music with instructions on how to master some basic chords on the piano.

Previous to the writing and recording of Singing Saw, Morby was part of The Complete Last Waltz, a reincarnation and reenactment of the Band’s final performance. Before he knew it, Morby was recording Singing Saw at Isokon Studios in Woodstock, NY. The record was inspired by and manifests the concept of “duality.” The duality of LA, the duality of his life, the duality of existence. Enjoy the mysterious trailer to Singing Saw below:



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