Another delicious track from Nap Eyes: “Roll It”

Nap Eyes has this ability to create music that makes you feel comfortable, at home. Their mix of lazily subtle garage and surf rock make for an easy listen. Below the digestible instrumentals lie lyrics that beg a bit more complexity, masked in poetic thoughtfulness. Thankfully, due to the enjoyment that comes with listening to their music, it’s more than bearable to listen to their tracks again and again, to get to the heart of the matter. According to Nigel Chapman, guitarist and lyricist, he wants listeners to be introspective and wonder how and why we fall into complacency. How do we lose ourselves within ourselves?

Here is your next sonic self-reflection-inducing gift from the Halifax boys otherwise known as Nap Eyes. It’s titled “Roll It”and is off of their upcoming record, Thought Rock Fish Scale (due out early February of 2016):


Featured image photo credit: Colin Medley


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