Gritty power ballad from, Syvia: “Anxious Animal”

In February of 2015, Brooklyn-based band, Syvia, released their latest full length, FWD. Excitingly, they’re teasing us with another mouthwatering single, “Anxious Animal.” Ruth Mirsky’s commanding vocals demand your attention while Richie Moyle pounds out a forceful drum line, Sheldon Cho lays down the bass and gives us those irresistible synths, and Frank Banisi’s wicked guitar riffs pull the track all together. It starts with that incredibly powerful drum line and takes off with reckless abandon:

“Anxious animal how’d you find your way into my heart? Now in my throat clawing all the power out.”

Despite the darker subject matter and the heavy nature of this song, to me I hear a celebration of someone battling that anxious animal that can consume us.

Over and over again Ruth sings what we try to tell ourselves all of the time when that beast of anxiety claws its way up into our once placid minds to keep it at bay:

“You will never be enough. you will never be enough, you will not amount to much, you will never be enough.”

You can download the track for free on Soundcloud now and you can catch them January 16th at The Piano in New York.



Keep your ears peeled for Syvia’s new EP coming this February of 2016.

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