London singer/songwriter, Freja, releases debut EP: “Ghosts”

20 year old singer/songwriter from London, Freja, has created a beautifully delicate debut titled Ghosts. Crystal clear, subdued and simple melodies cradle Freja’s flawless voice which carries a sense of vulnerability but simultaneously, the lyrical content has a sense of maturity. Ghosts is a bare boned, brave and brilliantly minimal set of tracks sharing stories of love, loss and Freja’s youth.

The EP opens with the track “Ghosts in the Snow”, where you meet Freja’s fluttering voice for the first time and discover her ability to tell stories in song of melancholy, reflection, and love.

Freja’s simple melodies and song structure leave many stones unturned for her which as a 20 year old releasing music to the world for the first time, is a wonderful place to be. The only way is up.

The EP is now available now on Amazon and iTunes.

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