EP review: “Whoever She Was” by ESTRONS

ESTRONS is the Welsh word for “aliens” or “strangers”, a description of how the individuals in this band feel day to day. No matter where they are or who they’re with, they always feel different. That is, except for when they (the band) are together. Together they are ESTRONS. The two members who compose the common thread of ESTRONS are Taliesyn Källström (vocals) and Rhodri Daniel (guitar) but they welcome other strange and talented musicians who rotate in and out of the band.

ESTRONS released their debut piece of work the EP, Whoever She Was, on December 11th of 2015 on Gofod Records. The EP holds four solid alternative-garage-grunge rock tracks including one whose lyrics are entirely in Welsh, “Ysbrydoli.”

The album cover features a beautiful photograph of a woman breastfeeding. The significance of this I’m unaware of but it’s a poignant statement as this act can (unfortunately) be looked down upon. This peaceful photo is in interesting contrast to the raw nature of the band’s music. The EP kicks off with the single, “Make a Man” a totally rich, primal and prolific track about a woman who has absolute power over a figure which she will surely “make a man out of.”

Following “Make a Man” is the slightly more subdued but equally as raw track, “Aliens.” This song sounds like a familiar story of frustration, heat, push and pull between lovers who despite their efforts, they’re too damn different. They’re aliens to each other.


“If you could change, I could change. It could be so sweet.”



Inserted in the middle of the EP is the more pop-oriented track that Taliesyn Källström sings in Welsh, adding a taste of the band’s culture and a slight break (though the break isn’t necessary) from the heavy grunge rock.

The EP says goodbye with the dynamic track, “I (don’t) want you” which overlays Källström’s rich vocals upon powerful stop and go drum beats and a completely infectious guitar riff that has a slightly distorted sound that gives it a synth-derived feel.

Collectively, these strangers have created something not so strange: a proud piece of work that’s sure to please even the most alien pairs of ears. You can purchase Whoever She Was on iTunes now.



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