Greetings from the ocean: Julia Meijer releases single, “Ocean/Enlgand”

Julia Meijer carries a glimmering voice that comes to us from the UK-by-Sweden, already making a name for herself after spreading word of her hymnal dream folk.

“Ocean” echoes from below still waters, ripples like a skipping stone between your ears, bringing images of rolling waves. The lyrics are based on the poem by Icelandic poet Stein Steinarr titled, Hav.

Following “Ocean” is the equally is ethereal track, “England.” Her voice drenches the dreamy keys of Sebastian Reynolds, marching drums of Greg Stewart (Guillemots), and the hypnotic guitar lines of Andrew Warne (all of whom play with her live, as does her sister, Josefin Meijer who does back up vocals). On the track “England”, Phil Hanaway-Oakley plays bass. About the “Ocean/Englad” Single Meijer says:

“as England is about my impressions of the English countryside, Ocean is about my impressions of Sweden. To me, Sweden (in contrast to Oxfordshire) is all about the sea and lakes, and I could really imagine the sense of feeling so close to the ocean that you feel at one with it.”


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