Dream Vacation brings us their new self-titled EP

Dream Vacation is composed of four deeply inspired humans who happen to be able to communicate through music. Ray Silva’s (lead vocals) voice beckons you to listen, relax, pause to inhale. Gerry Matthews’ (bass and backing vocals) rhythm drives the melody, focuses feeling underlying their music with Morgan Terrinoni on guitar while Noah Alexander’s drums leaves the listener breathless at times. Together, these four fellows have developed a sound of their own which they title Dream Vacation which has managed to survive the ups and downs of their lives over the past years.

Immediately captivating, the EP starts with the glossy cut that assumes a hint of shoegaze, “Window Room”:

The EP was produced by none other than John Rausch who has worked with Taylor Swift, Florence + the Machine and even Pink. Read Dream Vacation’s message to their listeners below:

“We hope to inspire people to think and see things differently than they normally do.  And maybe even remember things they thought they forgot.  To feel more connected and sense that there is more kindness available than it seems.”

Have a listen to the rest of the EP on their Soundcloud page. That will keep your ears occupied until the EP is out on iTunes this spring.

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