New EP from New York dream rockers, VHS Collection

VHS Collection is the brainchild of James Bohannon (guitar/vocals), Conor Cook (lead guitar/vocals) and Nils Vanderlip (keys/synth/vocals) who are based out of New York. Listen and you’ll be able to put your finger on some familiar sounds as the famed Abe Seiferth whose worked with LCD Soundsystem, Bear in Heaven, Yeasayer and RAC recorded the latest EP with the band. For example the opening cut:

It starts off sounding like the mesmerizing intro of an LCD Soundsystem track then blossoms into a juicy electro pop treat. Fantastically interesting rhythms and celebratory choruses make VHS Collection’s music completely and utterly irresistible.

Each track is unique and set apart from the other. The EP may only be equipped with three tracks but it’s a perfectly portioned collection. I have to say, the first 5 or 10 seconds of each track is easily my favorite part. They all start so differently, “Far Hills” starts with an immediate sense of celebration which holds throughout the track while “Late Night (It’s Okay)” starts off with a dizzying and shimmery synth riff that comes in and out of the track at just the right times while the band sings over and over again, “It’s okay”, words no one hears enough these days.

All in all, this three-track EP is one I’m going to go back to again and again. You can find the EP on iTunes now.

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