Debut EP from Scottish alt rock band, Armstrong

Acquiring attention rapidly in Scotland, Armstrong is a force to be reckoned with. Nicole Mason’s vocals fly high above the dynamic and compelling drums of Brian Chandler, irrefutably rock n’ roll guitar licks of Stuart Hay and David Lennon and rhythm-driving bass of Ian Cruise. All of this is whirring around between your ears with an edge of punk while simultaneously bits of it remind me of some of The Strokes’ guitar riffs. Check out the music video for the band’s first single, “Thursday Night”:


Each track on their debut EP packs a punch of its own but my personal favorite is the more subdued, “Bend. Buckle. Break.” How often in your existence have you felt all three of those forces, each leading to the next? The first line of the track is:

“The morning after my life before…”

The instrumentation and the lyricism fuse just as they should and clearly others are noticing. The band has been playing gigs since March of this year including a few sold out shows. Keep your ears perked for this foursome.

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