Psychedelic prog rock fairy tale, anyone?

Released on Halloween this year of 2015, San Francisco psychedelic prog rock group, REPTIEL, dished out the first of a series of sci-fi fantasy rock records. The record is titled, Hobitozz….A Land That Never Was and the story takes place in a world that exists somewhere in betwixt Middle Earth and Oz where the character Forest Boy must bury his recently decease father and go on a journey to discover his destiny in the world of Hobitozz.

Altogether, the band has played in 23 bands in San Francisco and now have happily settled the project they call REPTIEL. The crux of the project revolves around members Alec Way, Brian Weaver, Jason Gonzales, and Jason Yakich’s passion for practicing the art of ceremonial musick, deriving the material for their indie prog rock with a sci-fi twist from legends, Celtic mythology and the planets.

One of my favorite tracks on the record is the blustery, fast-paced track, lyrically minimal, “Leaves Are Falling.”

The truly wonderful thing about REPTIEL beyond their obvious musical virtuosity, storytelling abilities and organic creativity is that their music reaches a diverse audience. Fans of sci-fi, fantasty, prog rock, and indie rock can find a niche for themselves in Hobitozz…A Land That Never Was. The record was released on Cubby Control Records and can be found at the band’s Bandcamp page.


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