Album Review: ‘Too Far Gone’ by Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band

Too Far Gone is the work of Joe Mansmann and The Midnight Revival a band from upstate New York. As their debut piece of work, Too Far Gone is a true display of the band’s abilities as rock n’ rollers, blues musicians and storytellers. It’s clear each and every member of the band is a skilled and zealous musician and all of their contributions are necessary to make Too Far Gone what it is, a wild ride. This sophomore EP was released November 17th.

The top of the EP starts with the sound of smashing bottles, and immediately throws the listener into archetypal blues instrumentation and riffs make the opening cut a great first handshake with Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band. “Dead as it Gets” features the classic back and forth between guitar and lead vocals, giving it a conversational feel that blends in with the smooth rock n’ blues style.

Following “Dead as it Gets” is “Hell or High Water.” You can’t help but tap your toes and bob your head. The piano is fantastic – it’s familiar, some may call it cliché but sometimes our ears need that. They need those proverbial guitar licks, bass thumpers and piano melodies. With music changing and advancing so quickly, it’s refreshing to hear someone do something recognizable but still individualized to the band’s own style. Joe Mansman and his Midnight Revival Band has nailed it.

“Long Rope” is irrefutably loveable. You can’t deny the need to clap along at the start and that liveliness and vitality holds through the track. This is one of those songs that is a sure to make anyone at the bar, pool table or playing Buck Hunter to stop what they’re doing and listen. It’s easily my favorite track on the EP.

The tempo changes more in the latter half of the EP, showcasing versatility in the band’s abilities. The title track and over 6 minute journey, “Too Far Gone”, closes the EP. Powerful lyrics and a full chorus of voices, make for a strong finish to the band’s first EP.

Congratulations to Joe Mansmann and The Midnight Revival. You can find their EP on iTunes now.

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