Review: The Van T’s EP, “Laguna Babe”

The EP starts with the fiery title track “Laguna Babe” which is quite perfectly accompanied by a music video that features three young people wreaking havoc at a carnival, restaurant and club until one teen ends up in a bit of trouble with some interesting folks at the club. The commanding vocals paired with the raucous guitars n’ drums and punky sing speaking makes for an excellent, high speed rock track.

The track “Growler”features beachy guitar riffs which err more on the dark side, punching female vocals and an altogether surf rock feel giving excellent contrast to “Laguna Babe” while simultaneously meshing seamlessly with the rest of the EP.

On this EP, Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson tell stories of their lives as their teenage years began to disappear and their twenties came on hard and fast.

Some they say are not so bright, 

I like you more on a drunken night.

the sisters sing about some poor chap from their past in “Growler”, a song about all the kinds of boys you might encounter and how you might deal with them as a teenager.

“Feel Touch Feel” starts quick right out of the gate. Forceful and energetic instrumentation carry the track  while Chloe and Hannah’s voices dance over the top, creating a true rock song fully armed with gnarly guitar solos and smashing percussion.

The EP closes with a lesson learned from their teen years. There are other fish in the sea, other fellows out there, there’s another sun; however you like to put it.

Waiting for another sun, I know you are not the only one. 

The four tracks blend together superbly and showcase The Van T’s fine tuned garage punk rock and roll skills. Everyone’s musical repertoire has and/or needs to make room for Laguna Babe. 

The EP is out now on Bloc+Music and you can find it on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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