Music video from Welsh band, ESTRONS

ESTRONS is Taliesyn Källström (vocals) and Rhodri Daniel (guitar) along with a series of musicians who have their time with ESTRONS then move on, causing a constant evolution within the band. ESTRONS means “aliens” or “strangers” in Welsh and sums up how the band might feel in a room full of the average band. ESTRONS capitalizes on their ability to remain strange and alien, creating heterogeneous musical works with lyrics in both English and Welsh.

They recently released the music video for the opening cut off of their upcoming Whoever She Was EP (due out this December), “Make a Man” which takes off quick and dirty and doesn’t look back. With no regret or care for profanity, the track gets straight to the point lyric-wise with speeding and raging guitars and drums and raw vocals. The music video features moments with the female character who has two men at her beck n’ call interspersed with videos of explosions, fist fights, band practice and wild concerts.

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