New video from Brooklyn band, Wilder Maker

Remember Katie Von Schleicher? I recently reviewed her newest record, Bleaksploitation, which came last week. Katie is also part of a band called Wilder Maker which is made up of Gabriel Birnbaum, Will Graefe, Sean Mullins, and Nick Jost.

Wilder Maker has released three EPs each named Everyday Crimes Against Objects of Devotion Vol I, Vol II and Vol III between November of 2014 and October of 2015 which you can find on iTunes and Bandcamp now. Lovely, thoughtful and eclectic, each EP is beautiful in its own way.

Recently, Wilder Maker released a video of Katie Von Schleicher singing the track “Relief” off of Vol II of the EP trilogy. Katie’s voice is richer than ever and carries the track, pleading:

How far is relief?

a question likely on everyone’s mind at one time or another, or in particular right now given the current events on our planet. The video was shot in one take in Wilder Maker’s bassist and drummer’s apartment in Ditmas Park in Brooklyn. The editing done by Alex Munro. Please enjoy:

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