Edelweiss’ “Philadelphia EP” is out NOW!

Originally from Stroudsburg, PA alternative post punk group, Edelweiss, released their latest EP last Friday, November 13th via Mad Dragon Records. Edelweiss is Niko Porlier (singer/guitarist), Tony Young (Bass), and Lexi Campion (drums).

The Philadelphia EP is comprised of four solid, high speed tracks. Each is significantly different from the other but all have common features including interesting time and tempo changes, attention-commanding guitars and vocals and overall sound that packs a punch.

The opening cut, “Winston”, introduces itself subtly but breaks out into a full out punk rock thrasher.

“Species” is a fast paced quick n’ dirty track that doesn’t waste any time. The song is immediately in your face and maintains a high level of energy for all two glorious minutes. “Cookies & Brownies” flip flops between high energy and more restrained moments but averages out to be equally as uptempo as every other track on the EP. Philadelphia closes with “Goblin” a fantastically complex track with a guitar lick (or possibly a keyboard? the notes are cycling around so quick it’s hard to tell) that serves as the base of the track, with everything else weaving in and around it.

You can buy the Philadelphia EP on iTunes now.

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