New track and album announcement from Your Friend

Your Friend is solo singer/songwriter/creator of music, Taryn Miller’s musical alias. After a highly successful and massively exciting year following the release of Your Friend’s debut EP, Jekyll/Hyde, Miller is announcing that she’ll be releasing her very first full length titled Gumption this coming January 29th of 2016 via Domino.

Coinciding with the announcement of her new album, Your Friend released the first truly tantalizing single from Gumption, “Heathering.”

The first few seconds of this song are my favorite few seconds. They’re my favorite because they’re misleading, they sound like an accident. They sound like they’ve been cut and paste from a completely different song by a completely different artist’s completely different album. From these strange first 5 seconds, the real song blossoms and soars high above. You think you have “Heathering” figured out when you’re almost three minutes in and then the time changes in the least jarring most seamless way.

I can hardly wait to hear what more Your Friend has hidden on Gumption.  You can pre-order the album on iTunes or Domino Mart.

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