Music video for “Salt Shaker” by Jaala

When Cosima of Melbourne 4-piece, Jaala, opened her mouth to sing out the lyrics of “Salt Shaker”, it was not the voice I expected to come out. Her rough-punk attire does not merge predictably with her sweet child-like singing voice.

Jaala is soon to be releasing their debut full length Hard Hold on November 20th via Wondercore Island. The record was recorded in one week  in Coburg and engineered and produced by the band’s friend, Paul Bender. The record is a means to express and share thoughts of loss, flickers of dreams and offer a window into the minds of the characters Jalaa creates.

Following the release of their initial single, “Hard Hold”, Jaala released “Salt Shaker” and a dark, introspective music video to accompany it. Clutching a teddy bear throughout the video, Cosima trudges and wanders through a desolate graveyard of a desert, symbolizing the act of saying goodbye to your childhood.



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