The next installment from Tindersticks: “Hey Lucinda”

As part of their upcoming release this January 2016, Tindersticks is accompanying each track with a short film. This unique artistic endeavor was the collaborative brainchild of Calmin Boret of the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and Tindersticks.

Enjoy the latest installment, “Hey Lucinda”:

Decorated with a accordion, twinkling xylophone, and the rich vocals of Stuart Staples and his late, dear friend Lhasa De Sela, “Hey Lucinda” is a gem. I can’t explain the life and love of this song better than Stuart Staples himself. Please read:

“I started to write this song a long time ago – around 6am, walking the streets of central Cologne – I didn’t realize then that by pushing at the way a duet is structured – making this song more conversational, fluid – that the musical setting it actually asked for was beyond me. A ten-year struggle commenced, it became a joke in the band – ‘Time to try again with Lucinda…’ Along the way I visited my great friend Lhasa de Sela in Montreal and we spent a little time recording a version of ‘Hey Lucinda.’ She understood that it was not right for this song to lament; that underneath its ‘sad’ surface, it is full of mischief.  After Lhasa’s death on New Years day 2010 I had to put the song (and her other recordings) away. I have only recently been able to listen to her sing again. As a band we approached the music again, just concentrating on that moment of conversation that we shared, giving it only just what was needed and hopefully catching some of that mischief!”

The film was directed by Rosie Pedlows and Joe King. Stay tuned for more from the Tindersticks saga! The record is due out January 22nd, 2016 via City Slang.

For tour dates, click here.

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