Music video for Jessie Jones’ track, “Quicksilver”

Earlier this year Jessie Jones’ released her self titled debut record, a mixture of styles and genres, highlighting Jessie’s virtuosity as a musician. I reviewed it here.

She recently released the music video for her track, “Quicksilver”, a pop-oriented somewhat kooky track. About the music video Jessie says:

“The video takes place in Orange County. The idea is that the video/TV is like our memory. You can play the past over and over, or fantasize and make up an alternate reality. Diamond, the main character in the song, is looking for signs/clues about her lost lover. It’s kind of like he exists in her mind, and only communicates through her imagination. But she feels like she is going to find him in real life in the near future, so that’s why she is haunted by her outside world. True love is within and without everything, something that connects us to divinity and realms we don’t need proof for. All that lets us escape time and human reason.”

Jessie Jones’ music is available on iTunes and you can follow her more closely via her Facebook page, instagram, and twitter.

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