Something sweet for you: music video for “Scandinavian Love” by Asbjørn

Scandi pop (sounds like a lollipop) musician, Asbjørn’s new music video for “Scandinavian Love” is every bit like a lollipop. It’s sweet, crunchy, and Asbjørn Toftdahl most certainly will give you a toothache. Everything about this video makes me smile: the cheesy talk show theme, the food-based apologies you can buy via an infomercial, but most of all everything about Asbjørn Toftdahl including his dance moves, bowl cut, 90s-wear and rich falsetto. Watching him dance makes me want to dance and this track has the undeniable pop-infused dance-inducing toxicity of any good Robyn song. Check it out:

Asbjørn Toftdahl grew up in the 90s in Aarhus, Denmark and was influenced by powerful female pop sensations like Madonna and Beyoncé when he couldn’t conform to the masculine ideals society has created. Embracing masculinity in his own way, Asbjørn displays this through music. He released his newest album Pseudo Visions via Sinnbus a label out of Berlin where Asbjørn is now living.

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